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A librarian, two rangers, a rogue, a monk, a wolf pup. Utter chaos.

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Meet the Cast!


The scream of a monster in the night, the delicate cry of a newborn as they grasp their parent’s face, the sigh of the wind in the trees, the shrewd merchant and the haughty royal.  As the Dungeon Master, Erik plays all of these parts of the adventure that the players navigate, and deals with the tangents they inevitably launch themselves on.  At once three steps ahead and five steps behind, Erik loves building compelling stories that capture all of our collective imaginations.  A Professional Dungeon Master and member of Actor’s Equity, Erik strives to ignite wonder whenever he is able. 

After hearing of his older brother's death, Virgil Abernathy felt the weight of the advancing age bearing down on him. He realized he was bored living within the safe, quiet walls of the library and started to look for reasons to venture beyond the dusty stacks and creaky old shelves. Virgil soon got his wish when he was assigned to aid in a sting operation with a group of random strangers. Now, he can’t help but see just how far this adventurers life will take him.

When he's not creating webcomics, DM'ing his own home-brew adventures or dreaming of living life as Spider-man, Eric Serviss provides the voice of Virgil Abernathy.


Zhula Strike originates from the remote island of Ria. She was summoned by an Aarakocran monk, who foresaw a terrible prophecy. He prayed to the gods for a symbol to protect them. What he received was an unremarkable air genasi child, whom he raises as a pupil of the monastery. Being raised by the Aarakocra—Zhula was surrounded by beings who were starkly different from her. Because of this, she trained night and day--practicing martial arts and excelling in tasks to gain validation from her peers. After many years, Zhula decides to leave Ria in search of the prophecy that she knows will eventually befall her. She joins the group—eager to run into trouble or help those in need—in hopes of learning about or revealing this prophecy. 

Josephine is a certified nerd, born and raised in NYC. She is a media professional by day, and a gamer by night. Josephine has been geeking out since childhood on everything--anime, video games, comic books, musical theater--you know name it, and she probably subscribes to that fandom. She started playing Dungeons & Dragons in 2019, and it now consumes her life. 

Conri is a young half-elf ranger, her only home unmarked on the maps of Kan’ Herasa. To be able to grow up in some sense of normalcy, her parents found a community of werewolves, devout followers of Kan’ Krush that aided Conri’s father in achieving the ability to harness and control the bestial side of him to protect his family and his found people, rather than destroy the world around him and himself. While she loves her people more than anything else, Conri’s feelings of inadequacy led her to leave her village and gain the strength to fight alongside her chosen people and protect those she cares about most. 


Conri is voiced by Sophia LaVergne, an animation artist and Nintendo fanboi. If she isn’t painting or trying to catch up on something she’s failed to binge watch yet, she’s probably watching TikTok or making music.


Gray grew up the son of a Taoiseach - or leader - in a clan of lupine shifters, his mother the latest in a line whose rule has spanned centuries. Each shifter claims a prey - a being which threatens the realm and the world of Kan'herasa – and dedicates their life to hunting that prey down. It's no surprise he has chosen to hunt fiends, some of the more treacherous prey. As skilled as he is, he constantly needs to prove more to his family. His cockiness, and arrogance always masks a lack of self-worth.


Andrew Garda voices Gray, and has played RPGs since dinosaurs walked the earth. He may have RPd a dinosaur, too ,really. If there's a way to be nerdy, he's found it in film, TV, fiction, history, writing - and role playing. 

Rule grew up in the back-alleys of Eitenpan to an elven mother and human father. He was ostracized from both races of a city he thought he could call home. His father, a great adventurer, was never really around. His mother, tried the best she could to love and raise Rule despite the hate she received from her family and friends. After some time, his mother left, leaving Rule to fend for himself. He has no interest in searching for family, however he wants to live a life where he can find friends who respects him for who he is.


Rule is voiced by Evon Forbes, an avid gamer, cartoon/anime watcher and sometimes artist.  When he 's not doing any of those things, or finds inspiration, he is designing video games in his spare time.

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